The Log

I have a piece that I’ve held onto for some time that I’m now putting up for sale. It is a Japanese style knife inspired by the sunken old growth logs found in the bottom of Lake Superior. The wood for the saya is itself from an old growth white oak log that was recovered by divers. Logs like these sunk to the bottom of the lake near Duluth, Wisconsin while being transported via log raft from the North Shore of Lake Superior. The oak sunk into the mud where it was preserved through the absorption of tannic acid and minerals. On this particular piece you can see where insect larvae had burrowed into it bringing oxygen to discolor the wood in rings around the holes. I’ve carved sections of the wood to invoke the idea of the original log. I’ve placed gold leaf in certain areas to bring out a striking contrast. This could perhaps be seen as mats of algae.

The blade is a simple and very thin blade made from 15n20 tool steel. This thin blade would serve well as a fish slicer, fillet, kitchen knife or display item. The fit is very secure and you feel as if you are holding a single piece of wood.

I’m offering this for $400 plus shipping.



  1. Michael Quinlan

    Fabulous knife. Love the wood!

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