Tiodhlac: Gift of the Ghillie Dhu


Here is my latest sword project. This sword started out as a non-commissioned project that I did in conjunction with a little poem I wrote with my son.. whom is currently in love with the faery world. The details of the sword are all in the poem. The poem is my own creation and deals with the Scottish mythical creature the Ghillie Dhu… a sort of elvish figure who protects birch forests in the northern British isles. So there is a wood grain and birch leaf theme throughout the sword. It was fun to make and I’m happy (and sad) to say that the sword gained an owner during the building process.


Weight… 1 lb 14 oz.
Total length… 37″
Blade length… 29″
Point of balance… 3.75″
Point of impact… 17″ from guard
Blade composition… wrought iron sourced from 19th century wagon and Lake Superior ship wreck (steam boat), pure nickel, 1095
Cross guard from ship wreck wrought iron. Leaf chape from copper. Birch bark spacers. Grip is from ‘black oak’..old growth stuff harvested from Lake Superior by divers. Pommel is wrought iron sourced from a Wisconsin grain elevator.





This sword was made to go along with a poem I wrote based on the Scottish mythical figure the Ghille Dhu… an elvish-like fellow that lives in and protects the birch groves of the Highlands.  Elements such as wood-grainy wrought iron, wood-grain and nickel in the  pattern weld,  and leaf motifs reflect what is in the poem. It was a fun and challenging project!




The Gift of the Ghillie Dhu

Wrought from star-dolven iron,
Quenched in sap of the Beithe,
Was Tiodhlac: Gift of the Ghillie Dhu

Young Duncan took care of the old birch wood,
Kept poachers and axmen at bay,
Gaining the love of the beithe-bound Ghillie Dhu.

When Young Duncan, his love-sworn abducted,
For the jealousy of wicked Black Donald,
Sorrow and pity was the old Ghillie Dhu.

For Poor Young Duncan, No sword to his name
And the might of Black Donald, No earthly man dare
Had need of the dwimmer-crafty, the clever Ghillie Dhu.

Ancient Hammer blows thundering in the hoar
Echoing in leafy halls,
Came forth the fae-deadly blade of the Ghillie Dhu

Cold black iron, Heaven-born
Shimmering veins star-silver bright,
Bold was the hilt,
Tiodhlac: Gift of the Ghillie Dhu




  1. Stuart

    A cool story to go along with a cool piece.

  2. TERRY

    Another great piece. Terry


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