Viking type C sword

The Type C Viking sword represents one of the true ‘Viking’ swords in that it was made by Vikings for Vikings using Viking resources in Scandinavia.  They had simple, rough iron hilts and non-pattern welded blades.  Most swords were imported in from Germanic areas of Northern Europe.. so I feel this type is special.  My version has a 5160 blade @ 24 inches in length (a bit on the short side compared to most examples.. but still within range) and is 1 and 3/4″ wide.  The total length is 30″ with the balance point 3.5 inches from the guard.  The weight is 1.8 pounds.  The blade is a hair over 1/8 inch at the guard tapering to a hair under 1/8″ at the tip. This is a light, fast sword that is sharp and could be used as a weapon.

The hilt is composed of 19th century wrought iron and the grip is maple burl. The carving is representative of the art found in Scandinavia during the 8th/9th centuries.

I’m asking $1500 with display box (not yet pictured) and can include a scabbard for $150 – $200 contingent on details and materials.   I can provide further pictures or video upon request. Shipping will depend on location.


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