What does ‘Story Telling’ have to do with bladesmithing?

What does ‘Story Telling’ have to do with bladesmithing?

On my homepage you see the tagline ‘Storytelling through the forged blade’.  I thought I’d take a second to explain what I mean by that.  I believe that a forged blade can tell a story in multiple ways. The most obvious is the story that it tells about itself and it’s intended purpose.  For example.. a skinning knife. Elements of it’s story are the facts of itself.. a thin, sharp, lasting edge that is comfortable to hold and has the right edge geometry to do it’s job.  Then the story evolves as it’s actually used…. and the companion it can become to the hunter.  Hopefully the story continues as it passes on to a son or daughter and continues to perform in a noble manner.   But a forged blade can also tell a story about it’s maker.. the shape, materials used, an occasional hammer mark or scratch that was missed.. these things are a part of the person who brought this thing to be.  Another aspect of the story are the materials itself. I believe that a knife is more than just the latest high performance steel.. although that is a story in itself.  But if care is taken in choosing the materials that go into a knife.. well.. then you can have an instrument that screams the story of time and place.  So my goal when I make a knife, sword or axe for someone is to create something that has the capacity to add some small element to the story of their lives.



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